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Xcel Adventures is a well-known, reputable, accredited safari company in Uganda that offers affordable luxury and mid-range safaris. They specialize in personalized and customized itineraries that cater to their client’s specific needs and preferences. Xcel Adventures offers a variety of safari options, including gorilla trekking, game drives, bird watching, cultural tours, and adventure activities such as rafting and hiking. They offer luxury and mid-range accommodation options, ranging from high-end lodges and camps
to budget-friendly hotels and guest houses.

Suppose you’re looking for an affordable luxury or mid-range safari in Uganda. In that case, Xcel Adventures is a great option to consider. They offer a range of safari options and accommodation choices, and their commitment to sustainable tourism adds a meaningful dimension to your safari experience. Our Private Luxury and Midrange Safaris are uniquely personalized to meet your needs and are Covid Compliant. With you, our experienced English-Speaking Driver-Guide will show you the best of Uganda
from arrival to departure.

Our Mission

To provide unforgettable and authentic experiences that not only immerse our guests in the stunning landscapes, wildlife, and cultures of Africa but also contribute positively to local communities.

Our Vision

To promote sustainable tourism and support local communities through showcasing Africa’s diverse landscapes, incredible wildlife, and rich cultural heritage.

Our Core Values

  • exceptional customer service
  • safety
  • authenticity
  • sustainability and commitment to preserving wildlife habitats.

Just about any time of year. However, the most popular seasons are mid December to mid March and August to mid the end of October. This is because of the demand for Christmas and winter holidays and the summer school breaks. An increasing number of visitors are realizing that June and November are ideal, benefiting from lower visitor numbers.

Xcel Adventures offers some safaris with greatly reduced or no single supplements in the months of April and May. Also, we may well be able to offer some good discounts for larger groups during this period – please contact us for details.

The millions of wildebeests and zebras are always somewhere, but they are not always in large herds and on the move. Their location is largely dependent on the weather, which can vary considerably from year to year. In general, the herds begin to cross into Masai Mara in July and continue through August. They remain in the region until the beginning of December when they follow the rains southward back into Serengeti National Park

Yes. All safaris can be booked with the exclusive use of a vehicle for your party. A custom safari for two clients is significantly more expensive per person than seats on a similar small group safari. However, on a custom safari with an exclusive vehicle, the cost of the vehicle and driver/ guide is divided by the number of clients sharing the vehicle. Therefore, the cost per person of a custom safari reduces the more clients that are sharing the vehicle (maximum in one vehicle is usually 7 but on request, such as for families with children, we can carry up to 8)

If you are arranging an exclusive vehicle (custom) safari, then you are free to arrange whatever itinerary you choose, within logistical constraints. Xcel Adventures presents a small selection of proven itinerary favorites in this website. We can arrange any required itinerary subject to practical and logistical considerations and will be pleased to discuss and quote for your special requirements.

We can arrange a safari using a number of tented camps providing a great holiday experience under canvas.

Because of the size of its organization and volume of customers, we can easily include single travelers on most set date safari departures, subject to there being at least one other booking on the date chosen. There is a supplement to cover the additional cost of single accommodation. However, there is no single supplement (or a greatly reduced one) on most safaris in the low season months of April & May.

A safari is a wonderful trip for any child old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. On most safaris there are quite long trips on rough roads, and these cannot really be recommended for babies and very young children.

Why Choose Xcel Adventures

Professional Guides

We have a youthful team, passionate about travel and sightseeing that is focused on offering customer satisfaction to our clientele.


We are  more than just a company, we aim at creating the most comfort for our clients, we believe in our ” clients are friends, we just haven’t met”


Our packages are tailor made to suit all our clientele, if you want it luxurious, class, “bougie” and routine travel…. There is something for everyone, we gat you.

Experienced Team

We have invaluable knowledge based on facts and research about tourism and the region as a whole. We know how to glide through challenges in the sector.

Our Partners

Relationships that help us deliver the best travel experiences